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Established in 2014 our vision was to bring to Portland a premier technology consortium focused on trust and reliability in the Portland market.  The founding members had the vision that that Portland market needs a trusted partner network to solve technology needs of the small-mid size market in Portland.   Our members are seasoned professionals in their industry, all coming with 10+ years of experience in their respective fields and hold the same values as the others in the group.  Membership not fee-based but becoming a member is voted on through an intensive interview process with existing members.  Our members must meet the requirements of trust and strategic approach to IT through a set of established bylaws and conduct.   Initial membership is a six month "probationary period" as an associate member, and at six months members vote to promote associate members to partner membership and become permanent members of the group.  

Executive Team


Scott Zommers has over 30 years of experience in the technology industry right here in Portland. He understands the challenges companies face with IT and is always ready to assist people and companies connect the dots.


From Scott's first days in the field in 1994, he’s been helping customers solve business challenges.  Scott's  understanding how technology relates to business objectives is his strength but his list of strategic partners and consultative approach is what his customers appreciate most.

Scott is married to his wife Jackie and they live in Portland.  Blended together they have 4 kids and 9 grandchildren.  Scott enjoys being active with his kids, hiking, football, golf, wine tasting and spending as much time as he can in the Gorge.

Company: Convergence Networks

Title : Enterprise Account Executive

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Efficiency and the need to make a difference drive Neal Otto and his company Jumpstart Computer Training. Neal and Jumpstart believe that technology should reduce waste and help us all get more of the right things done.


Neal is a former high school teacher having spent the bulk of his career at Gladstone High School but also worked abroad in Switzerland. He loves efficiency and hates waste. He is known for his broad knowledge of an extensive array of software and his ability to connect with students of all abilities and styles. Given his background, he is able to keep audiences engaged and entertained.


Neal is a long-distance bicyclist and loves to spend any time not on his bicycle in his shop making sawdust or in the kitchen making bread.





Company:  Jump-start Training

Title : President

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Scott is the Managing Director at Lexicon Solutions and he has great experience as a Recruiter in the Portland market. He works extensively with the leaders of the organizations that Lexicon works with so that he can best understand their hiring needs and practices. He also works diligently with the candidates that Lexicon represents so that he can place them into a role that best matches their long term employment goals.














Company:  Lexicon Solutions

Title : Managing Director

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Steve Frame

Chris is an Enterprise Account Executive - Digital Transformation, Network Agility, Hosted Voice, SDWAN, DDoS.


Today's digital strategies need powerful networks. “You Can’t Build the Business of Tomorrow on the Network of Yesterday."  I specialize in partnering together with my clients and team to make that happen by a helping accelerate your workforce capacity and network.

Company: Comcast

Title: Senior Account Executive

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I am a seasoned business technologist with strong enterprise sales and consulting skills. My domain of expertise is enterprise collaboration and I have extensive experience in envisioning, designing, and implementing collaborative solutions on SharePoint. I speak business, I speak geek, and I excel at translating between the two.





Company: Nishino Consulting

Title: Principal

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Dan Schrenk is the Founder and Principle Consultant of Schrenk Consulting.  Schrenk Consulting has provided IT and business process services for 12 years to companies in Washington, Oregon, and California.  We strive to be an integral part of a company’s structure so they can focus on their core strengths, thereby aligning IT functions with business goals.


Dan enjoys woodworking, spending time with his family, and enjoying the outdoors in the Pacific Northwest.  And, from time to time, you might find him fishing golf balls out of the drink, at a nearby golf course.

Company: Schrenk Consulting

Title: Principal Consultant

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