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2017 Is Just Around The Corner

2017 Is Just Around The Corner

By Polar Systems


As the end of 2016 is coming into focus, many businesses are putting plans together for their 2017 budget and hopefully IT is a large part of the conversation. For years IT has been regarded as a cost center, often absorbing large chunks of budget with capital expenditures (CAPEX) needed to keep operations secure and efficient. As we all know, technology failures can quickly make or break a business. As you start working on 2017 business goals and budget it may be of interest to you, to look into HaaS (Hardware-as-a-service)

Today's landscape is much different than it once was. Business owners used to have to decide whether or not they wanted to buy hardware outright, through a lease, or even get a loan through the bank, now there is a forth option, HaaS. Owners now have the option of making technology decisions on whether they want to expense it as a capital expenditure or an operational expense. The decision ultimately comes down to cash flow. A lot of company’s would rather use their cash to grow business vs. tying it up in hardware. Also giving business owners a sense of relief, by providing a predictable monthly payment over the course of the contract.

HaaS has additional benefits besides the cash aspect. From a hardware perspective, customers are eliminating large outlays, allowing for IT equipment costs to be budgeted on a monthly basis over the term of the contract. No more putting off projects that were once pushed aside because of unexpected costs. HaaS includes full warranty replacement with new hardware replacements every 3 years. It provides a physical infrastructure including hardware and software to its end users. The service combines the hardware, and software costs, mixed with the operating, managing and upgrading costs and rolls it into one predictable monthly payment for the term of the contract.

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